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Stuff Storage offers a variety of moving supplies including boxes, furniture covers, locks, rope, etc. We will gladly assist in helping you choose the best supplies that fit your needs. We keep everything in stock ready for your use.

Storage Tips!


Tip #1

Store items at the front of the unit that you'll most frequently need.


Tip #2

When you pack your storage unit, create a center aisle for access to all items.


Tip #3

Remember that rodents can squeeze through holes as small as a dime.  Put clothing and other important items in plastic bins to prevent nesting and possible damage.


Tip #4

Make sure your storage boxes are not bulging as this allows for damage to contents when stacking or worse, items falling.


Tip #5

Drain gasoline and oil from lawn mowers and other items with small engines before storing them into a unit.


Tip #6

Mattresses should be covered and stored flat on level surfaces.


Tip #7

Avoid garbage bags!  They rip, tear, and can cause mildew build-up due to lack of air flow.  Use boxes instead!


Tip #8

Keep a step-stool inside of your unit to help reach items placed above chest level.


Tip #9

Always use high quality locks on your storage unit.


Tip #10

Adhere detailed labels on the top as well as sides of your boxes.  Until you store them, you won't know from which angle you need to read the contents.


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